Why Crepe Soles

October 27, 2016

Everyone in the fashion industry are starting lines with Crepe soles, and many people still don’t know the difference. Most don’t even what Crepes soles are!

To put it simple: Crepe soles are a type of rubber that is often more crinkly or bubbly than the usual rubber used on soles, but it is also made by making thin layers and putting these layers together before doing the stitch. This layering technique allows for a very flexible sole that is much more comfortable.

Crepe Sole

You mostly see a thicker, harder crepe sole being used on men’s dress shoes as well as boots for both men and women. However women’s boots that use crepe soles often use a more open stitch allowing for a lighter, and more flexible boot.

The hardness of Crepe soles is determined by the type of material they used when binding the rubber. The size and flexibility of the crepe soles is purely based on the amount of layers stitched in. The more layers the less flexible, which you will see on men’s dress shoes or men’s boots. While on women’s boots you will see less allowing the boots to be flexible and light.


Crepe sole mukluks

So why would you even want Crepe soles? 

Crepe soles are quite a bit lighter than other soles, to the point many people using these soles often say it feels like they are not even wearing any shoes.  They are more flexible for the same reason, if your foot has full range of motion it, you won’t be restricted, and it will also feel like you’re not wearing shoes at all.

And finally with all that range of motion and light feel, your feet are still just as protected because the crepe soles have a very hard exterior to protect from stepping on sharp objects. But because of their shape they are naturally rigid enough to give traction on most surfaces.
Overall if you have the choice between boots and one of them has Crepe soles, give it a chance, you will never want to go back!