Top 5 Luxury Travel Destinations To Visit in 2018

December 15, 2017

Traveling is on everyone's bucket list- whether it's traveling to see family and friends or traveling to your dream destination. Here at the Lukluks HQ we're always dreaming of where to travel next. We've curated 5 hot topic destinations that everyone is dying to visit in 2018!

1. Tokyo, Japan

With Tokyo hosting the 2020 Olympics, they've already started becoming a travel hotspot. During the day, catch the lively fish auction and see the beautiful cherry blossom trees. At night, venture out into Toyko's nightlife- karaoke, bars, and a whole lot more fun!

2. Gullfoss, Iceland

More of an outdoors person or simply not interested in the hustle and bustle of the city life? Take a trip to see the astonishing nature views in Gullfoss, Iceland.

3. Amsterdam, Netherlands

With the Eurostar, Europe's Popular Transit, opening in Spring 2018, it has made it even easier to travel in and out of Amsterdam. Pro Travel Tip #1: Traveling within Europe is actually really cheap. When planning your trip to Amsterdam, don't forget to see what other countries you can travel to for just a couple bucks!

4. Norway Trollfjord

Are you a cruise connoisseur? Then you will love this! Embark on Seaburn's cruise line to see the astounding views of Norway's Trollfjord.

5. Sao Miguel Island, Portugal

Head down to South America to venture all that Sao Miguel Island has to offer in Portugal. With volcanic lakes, forested hills, hot springs, and old cobblestone paved small town streets- this is the ideal holiday travel destination.

What travel hot spots are on your bucket list? Let us know in the comments!