Featured in Smitty Music Video

October 27, 2016

Grey mukluks

How These Comfy Fur Boots are Breaking Through in Music

American rapper and acclaimed ghostwriting and production team Ryan and Smitty are planning to release a new single titled “Animal.” A music video for this single was shot earlier this year in Las Vegas, and Lukluks’ founder Ashley Geness was asked to feature her exquisite and innovative line of comfortable fur boots prominently in this music video. This was a fantastic opportunity for Lukluks by Bayly Inc., because incorporating these casual fur boots in contemporary popular culture is the ultimate goal of Lukluks founder and designer Ashley Geness.

mukluks boots

Bringing Traditional Fur Boots into Pop Culture

Based on Inuit designs for Canadian mukluks, Bayly Inc. brings a new brand into the forefront of pop culture with their own Lukluks. Lukluks take the traditional Canadian fur boots and infuse them with fashionable trimmings and sleek modern elegance all without sacrificing any of the comfort and warmth that has made Canadian mukluks the cultural staple that they are and have always been. These comfortable fur boots looked incredible during the filming of Ryan and Smitty’s new music video “Animal,” which featured eight model/dancers all wearing Lukluks while dancing around a large bonfire.

black mukluks

“Animal” by Ryan and Smitty is still currently in postproduction and will debut accompanying the release of their single for the track, which is slated to be the first single from a new mix tape set to be released later in the year. Bayly Inc. is thrilled to have been a part of this video and to have Lukluks casual fur boots gain potentially massive exposure, bringing these casual flat boots to a larger audience and introducing them to markets and cultures that might not otherwise be aware. On behalf of founder and designer Ashley Geness as well as the entire team at Bayly Inc., we eagerly await the debut of this music video and hope that more and more artists, actors, and celebrities will begin to see the excellence and style of Lukluks casual fur boots.

  **Update: The official music video to "Animal" by Smitty Soul has been released.