Comfortable Boots That Come From Native Tradition

October 27, 2016


Lukluks, the Casual Boots From Native Roots

One of the best qualities of the fashion industry is how it draws from international and multicultural influences, combines them with cutting edge production techniques, and creates true works of art that can take virtually unheard of styles and turn them into cultural phenomenon. Lukluks utilizes this principle of fashion in the production of our casual boots, which are based on mukluks. These fashion-forward casual boots are crafted with a deep appreciation for the aboriginal roots that made them possible. Traditionally the Native Americans and Inuit wore this style of crepe sole boots that are so light in weight year round. This also makes them a roaring success when worn with either skirts or pants.

"Illustration from "Attack on the Colonials" by E.S. Ellis 1937.  Permission- B.Wahlström Pub

Where Our Casual Boots Come From

Mukluks are traditional boots worn in North America and are a traditional boot worn by the aboriginals of Canada, particularly the Inuit and Yupik tribes. They are soft boots normally made of either reindeer or seal skin and have crepe sole, which is a kind of rubber soul with virtually no weight to it. The lightness of mukluks and the warmth they provide make them ideal for native hunters and gatherers, allowing them to move quickly through trails and variety of terrains. Over time, decorative elements such as beads were introduced in the production of these boots to add aesthetic and cultural sentiments to their function.

Casual Boots From Out of Native North America

Lukluks are based on the original design of traditional mukluks, but these casual boots are produced with modern fashion values instead of hunting purposes. Our casual boots have a universal appeal that recognizes a North American aboriginal tradition and introduces it into a new market as casual boots for anytime, anywhere. These casual boots use the crepe sole and basic design features of mukluks and infuse them with decorative fur and an assortment of color elements. The result is a stunning unique mix of traditional and modern cultures in our casual boots that will appeal to women from all walks of life.