Tips for caring for your Lukluks.

1) Purchase a clear, non-colored leather spray protector.

2) Follow the instructions exactly.  (Note: spray only the leather/suede areas, not the rabbit fur. Rabbit fur has natural oils that help protect it from becoming stained.)

3) Allow your Lukluks to dry overnight. Then, apply a 2nd time and allow to fully dry.

4) Apply the protector to your Lukluks monthly, or even weekly. It helps ensure they’re protected. If the rabbit fur gets wet and/or dirty, blot it with a clean towel and allow to dry naturally. Do not put them in the dryer or over a heat vent, because this can shrink the leather.

5) Keep in mind that major stains could require professional care. Take your Lukluks to someone who specializes in leather. An inexperienced person can cause more harm than good.